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Sand and leaves

sand, glue, and leaves
Our local Art Center hosts Family Days a couple times a year. After eight years in the neighborhood we finally made it to one this weekend, and I’m so glad we did! Kicking myself that we’ve never been before, too…

One of the activities was to draw with glue and then cover the glue with colored sands. If the kids wanted to they could also decorate with leaves & bits found in the Center’s gardens.

Maggie made a tree and painstakingly added small leaves one-by one to the branches.

Bjørn on the other hand, made a psychedelic spiral tree in rainbow colors.

sand and glue
The next time we head out to the beach I’m thinking this will be a fun project to do with shells, seaweed, and whatever little bits we find along the shore to make a sea-side keepsake.

Getting our hands dirty!

We’ve been taking advantage of the many free events around town that don’t conflict with nap time (& even a few that did!). One of these events had an area set aside for kids to work with clay. Each child was given a good-sized chunk of clay to work with, and a teenager was on-hand to give them tips and advice, but other than that the project was completely up to them.  M&B really (really) got into it and spent a good hour and a half at the tables creating, smashing, starting over, smashing…

The only problem we’ve run into is that we brought their pieces home & let them dry on the balcony, but now I have no idea how to preserve them! It would have helped to have a bit of instruction for after-care.

If you know anything about clay, please let me know in the comments what we should do next. I figure we could finagle access to a kiln, but that seems like more work than it’s worth.


Inspiration: Creative Summer


If you haven’t already stumbled upon it, you’ve got to go visit the Creative Summer pool on Flickr. Really! It was set up by Molly of MommyCoddle a week or so ago and the creative goodness is just pouring in.

Even if you don’t blog, please share pictures of your kids’ summer creations over there. I know I could use all the inspiration I can get as there’s still a month and a half of summer vacation to go and I’m starting to feel a panic setting in :-)

Here are a few of my favorites so far:


Tomas’ art school (at home)

While I was out at a meeting one night last week, Tomas and the kids decided that they wanted to have an Art School at home. This was their first assignment:

Tomas' Pen
M's Pen
B's Pen

Tomas put one of his pens in the middle of the table and had the kids just draw what they saw, not think about what it should look like. Just the shapes, and shadows. I can’t tell you how excited and proud they were to show me their drawings when I got home. Miss M even gave me a mini lecture on negative space, proving that they really do absorb everything we tell them.

When they were done he asked them if they would like to have art class on an on-going basis. They said yes, and the discussion and debate around how often and how long ensued. B wanted art class every day of the week. The settled on twice a week — Tuesdays and Thursdays after dinner.

What I love about this is that his assignments are simple and clear, and we have time as a family to chat and catch up while we work on our pieces. We also all get to benefit from that BFA Tomas earned oh so many years ago ;-)

Inspiration: Kids’ activity books

These past few weeks have been pretty busy for us. Miss M has signed on to do a school musical, her first ever, and rehearsals are three times a week for two hour stretches. My Man B has taken up piano lessons and spends most of his time practicing or learning as much as he can about his newfound passion — POKEMON. Little T has been napping constantly… which, honestly, has been giving me time to make a small dent in the housekeeping that I’m always behind on.

{update a few hours later: I just re-read that bit & I’m a little freaked out. I’ve only been home with the kids for 4.5 months after working full-time for about 20 years. This is what I wanted, but it’s still odd to read and know this person is me. Oh, and I’m wearing an apron! I’m totally in love with my apron. You should see my mini-van with all the kid crap stuff strewn about…}

Everyone is too wiped out for much crafting or much of anything else outside of that so I don’t have too many new projects to share just now.

Instead, I thought you might be interested to check out some of my all-time Favorite kid activity books. Let me know in the comments if there are others I should check out from the library.

The copy I have is one my Mom bought me when I was a kid and needed entertaining (it’s dated 1976!). I rediscovered this book when we visited her back East last summer and I have had such fun going though it again for ideas. At eight years old, Miss M is at the perfect age for a book like this. With 300 pages of fun ideas, she’s guaranteed to find a bit of inspiration on her own (leaving Mom a bit of time to chase the youngers).

I bought this one for the kids a year ago for Christmas. I find it fun to give a quick glance through before heading out on a leafy adventure. We’ve made several of the projects described in the book and they are treasured mementos.

This is one for parents and teachers. I find it a bit academic — not especially light-hearted as I like my muses to be. HOWEVER, it is full of very detailed instruction for introducing young ones to Art. My only regret with the edition I have is that the images are in black and white. Color is almost always what catches my attention.