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Over a year ago this little blog was suspended because cruddy spammers hacked into my account and wreaked havoc all over the web. Considering I haven’t written here for four years, you could say the site fell way, way down on my priorities list. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it just yet, but I figure it will be a good place for reminiscing.

{mini interruption to share this tidbit from Maggie: did you know that pedagogy comes from the Latin word for the guys who would walk wealthy Roman boys to school in the morning? Nothing to do with actual education.}

The kids are all older now. I’m older. Our focus has shifted. So much has changed…


Hello again!



So cold out there!


I can’t imagine all that ice on our windows can be a good thing, but it sure is beautiful, eh?

Making me happy

Tomas' birthday cake

I’ve started making prettier food just so I could display it on this cake stand I got at Target right before Christmas. Even ugly food looks good on it.

I spy with my little eye…


Tor was so tired after pre-school yesterday, he built himself a cave and promptly fell asleep in it. I should ask his teachers what they put in his snacks :-)

Busy Body Book giveaway

b0179320092010I posted recently about a huge dip I’d been going through and received a ton of positive responses. Here, by email, on Facebook, Twitter… you get the picture. I was overwhelmed and strengthened by how kind people could be.

One of the good people out there runs the company that produces the agendas and calendars I’ve raved about in the past, so I thought I’d thank Joan of Busy Body Book and you here. I’m doing much better. Thank you. Read more