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Met some incredible people!

[I promise to get back to the crafty goodness tomorrow!]

I’m sitting on the floor at the airport waiting for my flight to finally take me home to my three little elephants & the big guy. I’ve had four days of intense geeking-out at the BlogHer conference and I’m exhausted from the very many conversations I’ve had. I have to add that it was rather overwhelming (and energizing, actually!) to find so many voices and perspectives under one roof. I think that’s got to be a pretty unique experience.

Sorting through all the business cards I was handed, I thought you-all might like to meet them, too. I only wish I’d collected MORE cards!

Laurie White
Laurie Writes

I, asshole (crap! I’ve completely zoned on her name — she is definitely NOT an asshole)

Jody DeVere
Ask Patty

Jack Vinson …a BlogHim :-)
Knowledge Jolt
Knowledge management

Susan Getgood
GetGood Strategic marketing

Aliza Sherman
Baby Fruit

Shannon Entin

being Mom2Amara

Rachel Brownell

Amy Mueller
Mums The Wurd

Beryl Burns
Salford Business School 

Mary Tsao

Mommy Needs a Cocktail 

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Jazz Brown
Finery in Life


Melissa Hawthorne

hawthorn handmade

Liz Henry

Georgia Getz
I am bossy

Dana Tuszke
The Dana Files

We All Fall Down

Anne-Marie Nichols
Mother of Many Blogs